Michaela Farm, embodying the Franciscan spirit, nurtures sustainable relationships among land, plants, animals and humans, and utilizes resources to fulfill its goals.
Michaela Farm
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Michaela Farm

What’s New on the Farm

Beginning of November produce in the farm.  We have a large variety and quantity of produce at the moment!  Come now!  We still have a lot of tomatoes and “tons” of carrots: fresh and crisp–just harvested!  Want fresh lettuce? Yes, we have that too!

1.  Tomatoes (Yes we still have lots of tomatoes)
2. Garlic
3. Cherry Tomatoes
4. Honey
5. Apple sauce
6. Lettuce
7. Carrots (Lots and lots of carrots)
8. Radishes
9. Bell & Assorted Peppers
10. Scallions
11. Salad Mix
12. Beet Greens
13. Spicy Salad Mix
14. Kohlrabi
15. Eggs
16. Jalapenos
17. Apple Cider Jelly
18. Turnips
19. Fresh Herbs (Rosemary, Dill, Cilantro)
20. Kale

News from the Farm
S. Peg Maher
Michaela Farm Director

“For humans, Autumn is a time of harvest, of gathering together.
For Nature, it is a time of sowing, of scattering abroad.”
-Edward Way Teale
It is harvest time at the farm. The gardeners have been busy getting the last of the produce out of the gardens and covering over some of the hardy plants to try and keep them from freezing. They are trying to keep ahead of the predicted rain but with the overcast sky that could be quite a feat. The gardens are being “put to bed” for the winter, which means cover crops are being sown where they are needed and some of the overwintering crops like garlic and some onions are going into the ground. The high tunnel was planted several weeks ago in the hope of having some produce into late October and tubs of tomatoes are growing in the green house so that fresh tomatoes can be had into the winter months. The greenhouse tomatoes are blooming and starting to produce cherry tomatoes so who knows….maybe fresh tomatoes on the Thanksgiving table this year? The Farm Store is full of late season produce like lettuce, chard, kale, pac choi, scallions, tomatoes, peppers, garlic and hardy herbs. The selection changes quickly, often by the day. We still have plenty of fresh eggs, dried herbs and herb mixes, honey and apple sauce and apple jelly. Stop by and see what we have or check the Facebook page or the website.

The cooler weather has brought an end to Coffee on the Porch for this year. Speaking personally, it has been great fun to host a small gathering of Sisters once a month on the farm porch. Morning coffee, watching the birds and butterflies, being outdoors and the conversations have been a great way to start a day. We hope to continue Coffee on the Porch next spring, starting in May or June, depending on the weather. Thank you to all the Sisters who came down and enjoyed the morning. We hope to see you again next year.

The barn is getting a paint touch up on the dormer windows. Once the lift was repaired, the Maintenance Department brought it down and started working on the dormers. The old paint was scraped and a fresh coat of white paint was applied. The dormers really stand out against the dark roof. The old barn is looking young again! A big thank you to the Sisters’ Maintenance Staff for all the work they did to make that happen. As other projects get completed during the late fall and winter we will let you know about them.

Thank you to everyone for all the support and prayers for this growing season. While it wasn’t the best season we have ever had, we did grow quite a bit of produce. The early season rains coupled with the mid-season drought brought some problems but our farm staff worked hard to overcome them. We will begin planning for next season in the near future. We ask your prayers for that process too.
November reminds us to be thankful for what we have and in a special way for those for support us and love us. The farm staff joins me in thanking you for all you do for us, for all you do to help care for all of God’s creation. As we gather in the harvest, let us also sow seeds of thankfulness for all that we have been given.

A blessed and happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Michaela Farm.

We Have a New Farm Store!
If you haven’t been to the farm for awhile we have moved the farm store to a more convenient location.  Come to the porch in the lower barn and find out what we have for you.  We’re open 8:00 AM to dusk everyday.



This is Michaela Farm. The farm derives its name from Sister Michaela Lindemann, one of the first women to join the new congregation of the Sisters of St. Francis in 1851, who began directing the work on the then newly acquired land in 1854.

Merging agriculture, education and spirituality, Michaela Farm builds on and enfleshes the Franciscan value of “just relationships with all Creation.” This value is core to our attitudes toward Earth and is a source of inspiration and motivation for our work. We express this value by these actions:

  • Simple living
  • Seeing all (creation) as “kin”
  • Respectful use of resources
  • Striving for sustainability
  • Gratitude, hospitality and sharing

Michaela Farm is located among the rolling hills of Southeastern Indiana. See more on our Directions page.

Michaela Farm
Contact Us
Mailing Address:
Michaela Farm
P.O. Box 100
3127 State Rd. 229
Oldenburg, IN 47036