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Our Mission Statement

“We, the Sisters of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis, Oldenburg, are women of prayer, committed to the Gospel values as lived by St. Francis and Mother Theresa Hackelmeier. From our life in community we are sent to extend the mission of Jesus through our presence and service. Enlivened by a spirit of justice, reconciliation and peace, we collaborate with others in responding to the needs of the world.”

We fulfill these words by being women of prayer in the ministries we do and the places where we are present. Since Vatican II opened the doors to the many needs of the world, we minister in education, parish ministry, social service, healthcare and social justice.

Recently Added

S. Carmen de Barros Scholarship

Every year the Sisters of St. Francis sponsor a scholarship for latinx students who are interested in attending a Catholic high school and would like an opportunity to apply for a scholarship.  Please read below for information.  The attached links below will give you all the information you need regarding the scholarship and application. This scho… [ Read More ]

Woman of Courage

On Thursday, February 6, as quietly as the snow that had just begun to fall, Alice passed from this life into the loving embrace of God.  In the midst of our grief, we celebrate that now there is for her no more fear, no more pain, no more struggle. Alice was born at home in Sunman, Indiana to Frances and Louis Retzner on March 3, 1942.  She wrote… [ Read More ]

A Model of Simplicity

In the stillness of this winter morning, before the first hints of the dawning day, our beloved Sister Francis Assisi Kennedy peacefully breathed her final act of love and surrender and passed into God’s eternal arms at 5:30 a.m.  Though her departure was unexpected, no one doubted that she was led into the radiance of her Beloved.  For those who k… [ Read More ]

Update: Sunday Liturgies

Until renovations are completed in our chapel, Sunday liturgies will be held in the Upper Room in the convent.  Guides will be at the ramp door to direct the way. Thank you.

Winter Activity at Michaela Farm

It may be winter all around us, but at Michaela Farm there is plenty of activity.  We may not be plowing or harvesting, but winter is a time of sprucing up the place and making needed repairs now that there is a little breathing space. As we move deeper into the winter here at the Farm, we are moving ahead with normal work and repairs.  Life here i… [ Read More ]

Pray With Us

Our Weekly Reflection

First Reading: Sirach 15: 15-20
Psalm Response: Psalm 119: 1-2, 4-5, 17-18, 33-34
Second Reading: 1 Corinthians 2: 8-10
Gospel: Matthew 5: 17-37

The reading from Sirach places a radical choice before us to choose a wisdom “not of this world” but one which reveals the revolutionary tone of Jesus’ teachings as expressed in the radical propositions of the Sermon on the Mount which are given us today for serious reflection.  It can be dangerous—even mind blowing to ponder at length the challenging words and even more to try to live them in our daily lives: TO FACE OUR UNWILLINGSS TO TRULY FORGIVE; TO HONESTLY ACCEPT OUR ROLE AS DISCIPLES—SAYING YES WHEN WE MEAN YES, AND NO WHEN WE MEAN NO, NOT TO EQUIVICATE IN SPEAKING THE TRUTH; NOT HESITATING TO REMOVE WHATEVER IS IN THE WAY OF KEEPING GOD’S LAW OF LAW—“GOUGING OUT OUR EYES…”

All of these challenges could make our usual mediocre efforts seem futile unless we remember that the Sermon on the Mount is really an invitation to experience high holiness, union with God, which “eye has not seen, ear has not heard nor has it even dawned on us what God has prepared for those who love God.”  God loves us so much as to DEMAND a seeming heroic response to that indescribable GIFT.

God of Wisdom and Compassion, we come before you aware of our sinfulness, weakness, vulnerability and tendency to water down the challenges of your words in the Sermon on the Mount.  Cleanse our minds so that we can discern your Spirit in us showing us how to respond to your awesome invitation in our daily lives.  Disturb us when our efforts are half-hearted so we can continue to begin again and again.  Help us to share our desires and struggles with others so that we can support one another and become a reminder of God’s Presence to our wounded world.  Amen.

Norma Rocklage, osf