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Our Mission Statement

“We, the Sisters of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis, Oldenburg, are women of prayer, committed to the Gospel values as lived by St. Francis and Mother Theresa Hackelmeier. From our life in community we are sent to extend the mission of Jesus through our presence and service. Enlivened by a spirit of justice, reconciliation and peace, we collaborate with others in responding to the needs of the world.”

We fulfill these words by being women of prayer in the ministries we do and the places where we are present. Since Vatican II opened the doors to the many needs of the world, we minister in education, parish ministry, social service, healthcare and social justice.

Recently Added

Associate Clare Bain’s Work at the Border

Associate Clare Bain and her daughter recently traveled to the Texas border last month to work with the immigrants there. We volunteered at a center run by Catholic Charities in McAllen, Texas. The immigrants we saw had been processed and released by ICE, many with ankle bracelets to track them. At the center, they were counseled one at a time, to… [ Read More ]

Sisters’ Presence Felt at Oldenburg Academy

Oldenburg Academy is located on the Sisters of St. Francis Motherhouse grounds and has a unique link between Sisters and students.  The academy maintains a relationship with many of the “retired” Sisters in their Adopt-A-Sis program where Sisters meet with small groups of students several times a month for sharing of stories and lunch.  Here is a v… [ Read More ]

History in Your Own Backyard Produces Video About Michaela Farm

This video covers the history of Michaela Farm in Oldenburg, Indiana.  Michaela Farm is a ministry of the Sisters of St. Francis and is located in the hills of Southeastern Indiana, specifically in Oldenburg.  The farm produces vegetables, herbs, and cage free eggs using natural farming practices in all its endeavors.  Michaela Farm supplies fresh,… [ Read More ]

History in Your Own Backyard Produces Video About the Sisters

The Freudenfest Committee in Oldenburg, Indiana, produced a short video about the Sisters’ history in Oldenburg and beyond.  S. Mary Ann Stoffregen, archivist for the Sisters, covers the Sisters’ early history to the present day.  It is produced by the History in Your Own Backyard group that covers local, small community history and news.  Its phil… [ Read More ]

Associate Brother Joe Bach Makes Final Profession

We celebrate with Associate, Brother Joe Bach, O.S.F. as he made his perpetual religious profession on Saturday, July 21, 2018.  Brother Joe is a member of the Congregation of the Religious Brothers of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis in Brooklyn, N.Y.  May the Lord bless him, keep him and fill his life with joy and peace. A quote chosen by B… [ Read More ]

Pray With Us

Our Weekly Reflection

Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time
First Reading: Proverbs 9: 1-9
Responsorial Psalm:  Psalm 34:2-7
Second Reading: Ephesians 5: 15-20
Gospel: John 6: 51-58

Reflection for August 19, 2018
Come and eat!  Come and enjoy the meat and wine!  Everyone is invited to come.  Wisdom has built herself a house for you to come and eat with her and listen to her words.  Jesus says, “Come and eat of my flesh and drink of my blood” and believe in my words.  We are invited to let those words sink to the bottom of our hearts, take root and call forth action in our lives.  Really, the wisdom is beyond all words.  It gives eternal life to the ones who come and partake at God’s table.  It is a challenge and a promise to all people. We are invited to not turn away but BELIEVE.  We will not die but live.  God is open to all and offers life unending to every person no matter what faith. We are of God and God rests within us.  This is true wisdom.

God, give me the heart, mind and soul to hear your words of wisdom and to believe in you.  Help me to eat and drink of you with trust and respect.  May I listen to you words of wisdom and make them food for my soul never taking your presence within for granted.  I believe; help my unbelief.  Throughout my life may I always remember your challenge to act what I believe and trust in your promise of life unending.

Pat Bietsch, osf