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Meet S. Ellen Miller, osf
Quincy, Illinois

Our Prayer for Donors
"...and your Father who sees all that is done in secret will reward you."  
                                                                                     -Matthew 6:6

Creator God, we ask you today to bless our donors and benefactors, those who have given so generously of time, talent, and treasure to advance the mission of the Oldenburg Franciscans.  May they know of the gratitude expressed in our prayers for them.  May they feel encouraged by being counted as part of the spirit of Francis and Clare in our world.  May they live in the freedom of believing that they indeed have made a difference in the lives of others.  Amen.

S. Ellen Miller

 S. Ellen Miller ministers in Quincy, Illinois, as a counselor at Quincy Catholic Charities which serves an economically challenged community.  S. Ellen describes her ministry:
At Quincy Catholic Charities I offer professional, compassionate services to individuals, couples and families striving for emotional wellness.  Our mission statement is: "To extend to all the healing and overpowering presence of Jesus."  I try to embody this statement when people come to me who carry burdens and issues that have disrupted their lives, and they are at a loss as to how to deal with them.  They are seeking answers about how to face life in the midst of messy confusion.  We enter into conversation and God does the healing as our time together unfolds.  As a counselor, I deal with general therapy issues as well as domestic violence, anger management and marriage preparation.  I am a consultant and team member in our Supportive Pregnancy Services Program for new and expecting parents.  I lend a hand at the food pantry, and in honor of St. Anthony, I coordinate Tony's Corner which provides snacks and drinks for our clients.  It is a small but meaningful gesture of God's free love for those struggling to find hope and purpose.  That's what I'm about: hope and purpose.  I bring a compassionate presence and a guiding hand to a people struggling to find their way.

Our Oldenburg Franciscan Community subsidizes S. Ellen and her ministry among the poor at $2,100 per month.  Would you be interested in being one of 21 donors contributing $100 this month for S. Ellen?


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