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Farm Staff 2013
Left to Right:  Josh Hannebaum, S. Carolyn Hoff, osf, Jim Lakewind, Chris Merkel, S. Peg Maher, osf, S. Carol Ann Angemeier, osf, Luke Goldsmith, Bridget Collins, Becky Miller, S. Marie Nett, osf


Chris Merkel: Farm Manager

Sister Peg Maher:  Planning Coordinator
Becky Miller: Head Gardener

Sister Marie Nett: Assistant Gardener

Josh Hannebaum: Farm Assistant

Sister Carolyn Hoff: Volunteer/Tour Coordinator

Luke Goldsmith: Chicken Caretaker

Sister Myra Peine: Herb Gardener

Sister Barbara Riemnsperger: Herb Gardener

Jim Lakewind: Volunteer

Bridget Collins: Seasonal Volunteer

Sister Carol Ann Angermeier:

Volunteers: We must also acknowledge the dozens of volunteers that work hard each year to help accomplish the farm's goals. We are grateful for your help and enthusiasm.