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Farm News for February below: 
Faith, Food, Future 

Faith, Food, Future

Sisters of St. Francis, Oldenburg

Michaela Farm, embodying the Franciscan spirit, nurtures sustainable relationships among land, plants, animals and humans, and utilizes resources to fulfill its goals. 


 Farm News for February

Winter projects are well underway here at the Farm.  Someone gave me a little green tractor salt and pepper shaker for Christmas and believe me it is the only tractor that did not need maintenance this winter.  Chris and Josh have been busy overhauling tractors and getting them in proper condition for the coming year.  They have also been busy cleaning out the barn and checken house reugularly since all the animals are in their "winter quarters" for the time being.  One of the biggest projects is renovating the greenhouse. As with anything, a sprucing up is needed periodically.  This year was the year of the greenhouse.  The outside coverning was stripped off and replaced with new covering.  While they were doing that, they also repaired the gutters, plugged the heat leaks, replaced some of the clips that hold the covering in place and then tested to make sure all the systems were working properly and all leaks were plugged.  So far it looks very good.  This is outside work so the extreme cold, snow and ice of November, December and January certainly slowed the progress.  The good weather in the middle of January meant pressing forward as quickly as they could.  We were blessed by the arrival of Tom, one of our faithful volunteers.  He had a day off from his real job and spent part of it with Chris and Josh helping to move this project to completion.  It should be ready to go when Marie has the seeds ready to transplant.

Speaking of seeds, they have arrived and it won't be long before they are being planted indoors and then moved to the greenhouse.  Some are already under the grow lights with little green sprouts pushing up through the soil.  The garden planning is complete-- now for the actual making it happen.

We are also about to start the planning for the Barn Party in June.  This year it is June 13th.  Meetings will begin shortly with the Development Office to get this underway.  We are grateful to the Development Office for all their work on this.  The party could not happen without them!

Because of a generous donor, we are able to put several more solar panels on the garage of Antonia House to help generate electricity for it.  This reduces the electric bills for Antonia House and also saves money for the farm.  The company that installed the presently existing panels is working in Africa right now so we had to find another company to do the installation.  A search turned up a company in Greensburg and we are working with them at present to get this project underway.  Give us a few months to move this to completion and then stop by to see them.  Not terribly exciting to see but we think the results will be good for us.  Please remember our donors in your prayers.

Our CSA will be opening mid-February/March.  If you know anyone interested, please direct them to the CSA website at:  http://michaelafarmcsa.oldenburgfranciscans.org  Click here for information and pricing for this year.  More information will follow regarding this.

Thank you for your continued interest in Michaela Farm.  Keep us in your prayers for a successful year.

-S. Peg


Welcome to Michaela Farm! The farm derives its name from Sister Michaela Lindemann, one of the first women to join the new congregation of the Sisters of St. Francis in 1851, who began directing the work on the then newly acquired land in 1854.

Merging agriculture, education and spirituality, Michaela Farm builds on and enfleshes the Franciscan value of "just relationships with all Creation." This value is core to our attitudes toward Earth and is a source of inspiration and motivation for our work. We express this value by these actions:

  • Simple living
  • Seeing all (creation) as "kin"
  • Respectful use of resources
  • Striving for sustainability
  • Gratitude, hospitality and sharing

Michaela Farm is located among the rolling hills of Southeastern Indiana.

Michaela Farm and its store are open 8:00 a.m. until dusk.  For information call: 812-933-0661