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Michaela Farm
Sisters of St. Francis, Oldenburg

Michaela Farm, embodying the Franciscan spirit, nurtures sustainable relationships among land, plants, animals and humans, and utilizes farm resources to fulfill its goals.
                                                                                 -Michaela Farm Mission Statement

                      Rebekah Miller

Farm News for October

October is always a season of change.  Summer is gradually moving into autumn.  The leaves on the trees are turning colors and eventually will drop off.  The gardens are slowly giving up productiona and will renew themselves for the next growing season.  Wildlife are gathering food for the winter.  The lush green of summer is giving way to the tans and browns of autumn.  Change is in the air.
Michaela Farm is also in the throes of change.  September 26 was the last day that our Head Gardener, Rebekah Miller, was with us.  Becky came to Michaela Farm three years ago from New York State.  She brought with her experience in gardening and a strong desire to make Michaela Farm's gardens the best she could.  Becky built on the work of our previous head gardeners and continued to improve production quality and quantity.  This past year was one of the best the farm has ever seen.  Becky moved into community sponsored groups in Batesville and kept Michaela Farm's name in the public eye.  She continued to improve our Facebook page and brought many suggestions for the improvement of the farm pages on our website.
When the Laughery Valley Growth Association CSA decided to close, Becky and S. Marie put their heads together and reinstituted the Michaela Farm CSA.  They began working on this during the winter of 2013 and by spring had a plan in place.  The CSA opened in mid-May with 20 members and quickly grew to 23 members by early June.  Our members were very pleased with the products they received each week.  The behind the scenes work for this required great organizational skill, not to mention computer skills and business know how.  Becky rose to the occasion and the CSA was so well received that we are now beginning the first weeks of the autumn CSA for this year.  When the autumn CSA began, we hoped for about half of the membership of the summer CSA.  We opened with 20 members!  A great tribute to the work Becky has done.
As Becky leaves us, we offer our sincere and heartfelt thank you for all you have done for us at Michaela Farm.  You have left an imprint that will be built on in future years.  But even more that all the improvements and successes, you have left us with a memory of a calm, quiet, serene, intelligent woman who believes in herself and her gifts and is willing to share those gifts with others.  We know that wherever life takes you, you will be a success.  We also know that you have blessed us these three years with the gift of yourself.  We are grateful for all.  You will be in our prayers and thoughts as you begin a new phase of your life in Tennessee.
                                                                                                         -S. Peg

Other Farm News

The Council has approved an initial experiment in rainwater harvesting for Michaela Farm.  A number of 55 gallon rain barrels will be used to harvest water from the Antonia House roof and garage for use on the herb gardens and in the Antonia House garden used by the residents of La Clare House.  Current plans are to have the system operational in time to harvest some of the spring rains.

Welcome to Michaela Farm! The farm derives its name from Sister Michaela Lindemann, one of the first women to join the new congregation of the Sisters of St. Francis in 1851, who began directing the work on the then newly acquired land in 1854.

Merging agriculture, education and spirituality, Michaela Farm builds on and enfleshes the Franciscan value of "just relationships with all Creation." This value is core to our attitudes toward Earth and is a source of inspiration and motivation for our work. We express this value by these actions:

  • Simple living
  • Seeing all (creation) as "kin"
  • Respectful use of resources
  • Striving for sustainability
  • Gratitude, hospitality and sharing

Michaela Farm is located among the rolling hills of Southeastern Indiana.